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In an effort to aid in the global struggle with the Covid-19 / Corona Virus, we here at Palmetto Puzzle Works have created this one of a kind puzzle. With every sale of this puzzle, we will donate 30% to the WHO Covid-19 Response Fund.

The puzzle itself measures 8" x 8" and consists of 80 individual pieces. Three of these pieces are figurals representing keeping your hands clean, watching your temperature, and avoiding the virus in general.

The image was created by world renowned medical illustrator Russell Kightley. The same man responsible for the artwork in our current Organic Enigmas Puzzle campaign on Kickstarter. A beautiful digital model representation of the virus in vibrant color.

With each puzzle, you will also receive a wooden Petri Dish display case. The Plexiglas lid protects it and holds the pieces in place while it is displayed. A simple wooden display stand is also included.

This is an effort to fight the outbreak and the boredom of being quarantined!

We will make donations periodically depending on how many orders we receive in a given time period. You will receive an email notice when you donation has been submitted.

Thank you all and be safe!!! #NOMOCOV2020

Corona Virus Petri Dish Puzzle