Explore the very basics of life in this brand new series of jigsaw puzzles! Put the building blocks of life together one piece at a time.

  This 350 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle contains multiple levels of intriguing challenges, secrets and surprises. A vast array of randonly cut and animal shaped pieces will keep you entertained for hours. 

  Arguably the most unique features are the "secret" puzzles. Small, multi-piece puzzles cleverly scattered throughout. You'll need the included map to find the correct pieces to make up the secret puzzles. This feature is a new breakthrough in jigsaw puzzle technology. 

  Also included is a large multi-piece figure in the shape of a DNA helix in the middle of the puzzle. Put it together internally or externally with the rest of the puzzle. 

  High resolution images created by world renowned scientific illustrator Russell Kightley. The images are printed at 800 dpi directly onto the surface of the wood. Never have to worry about pieces fraying on the edges or the paper separating from the backing. Each organic piece is a work of art on it's own. 

  • Cut from high quality, eco-friendly 1/4 inch birch. 
  • Approximately 22" x 20"
  • Box, reference pics and "secret" mini puzzle maps included. 


  These puzzles are not made in mass quantities! So if they are sold out, please check back often as the stock gets replenished.


Organic Enigmas Animal Cell Jigsaw Puzzle

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